Thursday, October 11, 2007

Finally back in Bloggerland :)

For some time I haven't been able to login and manage my blogger account because I forgot my password. I finally tried several options and got in successfully! Good thing that it's now linked to Google accounts, that makes it easier for me to remember passwords and such. :)

However, I still haven't decided to completely move over to blogger. My main blogs would still be and My homepage is up too,
More than anything, I signed up for Blogger so I could comment easily on blogs that restrict comments to Blogger users too.

Anyhoo... thanks for checking my visit to BlogSpot. :)


  1. Hummie said... should move to Blogger...more people use it...bravenet scares people away from commenting sometimes.

  2. Hummie said...

    Hey, I need a new post to read!


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