Friday, February 22, 2008

Keep at it!

By Wednesday, I've almost lost hope - I weighed in and found that I was 1lb heavier than I was on Saturday! I did stick with the program until Thursday and even only had salad for lunch at work on the 5th day (earlier). It paid off. By weigh in a few hours ago, I shed off some of those unwanted weight!

It still is going very very slowly but I seem to have a lot of patience. I will continue eating wisely and in fact, I am making my meal plans for next week. I'm thinking of including Alfred in on this plan, he says he's in as long as it means he doesn't need to starve.

March is going to be a better month for me, I can feel it. :)

On a totally different note... *rant alert*

I learned that something I've been waiting for still won't push through, but the sad thing about it is that it will happen to someone else :(

I got zero, zip, zilch, nada - in my Payroll account. Seems to be the bank's fault as I'm not the only one with this problem. My colleague got 4 times more than was due to him. There are others more. That sucks big time. This is my second negative experience with that bank and it is so disappointing. Oh, it's Unionbank/Ibank by the way. Grrr!

*rant's over :) *

Coke Zero is in the Philippines, yay!


  1. Chikai said...

    i salute your determination! i really do hope you'll rid of those extra pounds in time. :) btgw, i got u tagged on my blog. it's here:

  2. [ S ] said...

    Hey, Good luck with the weight loss...been there and it can be hard when you have those weeks where everything seems to go backwards but stick with it...a few years ago I lost a load of weight, took a while but it was well worth it :0) Congrats on the 5lbs you've already lost.

    As for the plasma ball...I'm not sure how to describe's like you can see the electricity from the center of the ball and when you put your finger on it the line comes to your finger...I'll post a pic of it over on my journal because that description isn't too good, sorry, lol.

    S x


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