Monday, February 11, 2008

Hap Chan - overeating!

In our 8 years of being together, we've spent a lot of time (not to mention money) dining out. There have been times that we'd dine out fewer times than usual or we'd go for cheaper options, when we find that we didn't have much extra dough to spend. Those occasions, I must admit, are few and far between though. Alfred has always maintained that, sure, we needed to scrimp on some things, but never on nourishment. He really would go all out for good food. Of course, there were times when we'd come out of a restaurant dissatisfied and would feel that money was not well spent, but there are more times that have us leaving very (very) happy. Last night's dinner was one of those of the latter.

Since it was my off, boyfriend and I decided to go out after his shift at 6pm. It wasn't particularly so we could eat out, but so he could go shopping for a pair of jeans. I wasn't in a particular mood to shop, but I wanted to buy some essentials so I agreed anyway. After making our purchases, we had to decide where to eat. There are now a lot of options in Cubao/Araneta Center. There's our favorite Boodle meals at Seafood Island, fastfood joints, SM and Gateway food courts, and many others. We were on our way to try The Aristocrat, when I saw the Hap Chan sign. We were just talking about Hap Chan a few days back and so I asked boyf if he wanted to go there, which of course, he did.

It wasn't difficult to pick what we'd have, though I must admit, we seem to have chosen standards, and we weren't adventurous at all.

Yang chow rice, camaron rebusado (fried shrimps), Lemon chicken, and fried tofu. We could have done without the shrimps but I wanted to have some. Or we could have had more than just fried tofu. But we were very happy with everything we ordered. So happy, that though there were only two of us, we wiped out everything!Call us gluttonous, call us pigs, haha. :) We just know how to appreciate good food!

Good luck to dieting...


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