Monday, April 14, 2008

Movie Date with the Girls: Step Up 2

So while Alfred was on his way to Boracay last week, I had to kill time doing other stuff with other people (though I really just spent a lot of time sleeping during my 4-day weekend).

That Sunday, I decided to take my nieces (who are no longer little kids) out to see a movie. I think I mentioned that in this post.

I gave them the privilege to choose the movie, and being the young teenagers that they are, they chose Step Up 2 over Horton Hears a Who (I personally wanted to see Horton with

It actually turned out to be a good choice for the girls, and me too. I enjoyed the movie.

I only saw a feature on the making of Step Up 1 but didn't get to see it so I had no idea that there already was a Step Up 2. Anyway, I think it was the right movie to see with the girls because it seems to have got them to thinking about choosing the friends they hang out with, and also about what they need to prioritize. It didn't talk much about family which was a theme that the girls really need to focus on as well, but I guess you can't have everything in one movie.

Andie's admission into MSA got me to thinking about young dancers out on our streets. I don't think they would ever get the chance that Andie got, except maybe if they went on to join dance contests on TV shows. Even then, I don't think they'd be taken into any real training program for dance and learn about different genres and all that.

Or maybe I'm wrong, and I'd like to be proven wrong. I've seen young people who love dancing and form their own groups. They rehearse everyday and make themselves available to dance in fiestas in different barangays (local communities). All they're hoping for, is to become good enough to become part of dance companies who perform regularly in TV shows. Some of them make it, most of them don't.

What would be great, is if there'd be dance companies who'd reach out and organize dance workshops or dance camps for these kids. They'd get the discipline, learn new stuff, and maybe even just learn how to exercise and stretch properly, along with safety measures so they can avoid injuries while practicing or performing.

Back to the movie.

Missy quitting 410 and showing up at MSA was a surprise, or maybe I wasn't paying much attention earlier on in the movie. But her jumping right in and rallying the new crew to step up and continue the fight, was a bigger surprise.

But the dancing was awesome. The music was great.

Come to think of it, when you watch the movie, you aren't supposed to be thinking or analyzing, but just enjoying the scenes and tap-tap-tap to the beat. In all honesty, all the thinking I did, happened after the movie. While watching, we were just captivated by all the cool moves.


  1. Library Lady said...

    Dance can make such a difference in young lives--especially girls! My daughters and I are lucky enough to take ballet classes with a wonderful teacher who brings out the best in them. You can really see it in my 13 year old--lots of girls her age slouch,but she stands tall and proud!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Wanted to tell you that you can access Weight Watchers on the web at and use it from anywhere in the world. I don't go to meetings, just do the program on line.


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