Friday, May 23, 2008

7 more facts about me (verabear)

I've been tagged by Angelica and Kimberly, who are both digiscrap designers. I was so surprised to see comments from both of them about the tag, I never would have expected it. This was the same tag that I did for Vicki awhile back, but I figured there's gotta be more than 7 random facts about me right? Wouldn't hurt to have another go! hehe.

1) Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2) Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3) Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs (now this is the part I will be having a hard time with)
4) Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here are 7 more random facts about me :

1. It is 3:05 AM as I start with this list and I am watching a movie online. It's PS I Love You and it is an awesome movie. I love it! I cannot believe I didn't go see it in the cinema. The first 13 minutes - wow! I am adding it to my list of favorite movies. Oh - I want me an Irish man! Hahaha :)
--> First random fact: PS I Love You is one of my favorite movies.

2. I had intended to look into the ad sites I signed up for in the past two days so I could carefully place them in my blogs, and consider how I can place them in my site too. See, I seriously want to make extra money with all the time I spend online. I can't for the life of me design anything for digital scrapbooking, so I had to find something else. Hopefully that really takes off soon.
--> Second random fact: I'm into making money online.

3. I think my boyfriend is really serious about marrying me in June of next year. I told him I won't be making any plans until I get a ring. That was just a joke of course. We'll see. ;)
--> Third fact: Plans to get married are underway. No one else knows but us. And YOU :)

4. I submitted an application at work today for a different position than the one I currently hold. If I get it, I'd be going back to training people - something I've really loved doing when I was doing it. I knew it was something I really wanted. But honestly, it was tearing me apart this afternoon deciding whether to turn in my papers or not. I've grown attached to my current team, it's as if I don't really want to leave them. And for once, I seem to be somewhere where things are going along just as planned. Oh, we'll see.
--> Fourth fact: I think my calling is somewhere along the lines of education -- in teaching, facilitating learning, training. My previous job was in this line too.

5. I will not make a very good housewife - I'm not good at cleaning house, I don't cook. Both could change though. That's the fifth fact -- I am not domesticated.

6. There were photography classes in a Summer Workshop I attended when I was 8 years old. I believe I took really awesome pictures that summer. I wonder where those are. I don't remember any of the things I learned then.
--> Fact number 6: I am a frustrated photograher. Hehe.

7. I secretly wish I was in Kris Aquino's staff. I think she shares her blessings with her. Kris is a local celebrity. Read her Wikipedia article to know more. I am not happy that there is no single site that features her beautifully!

That took a long time to list. Weird. I hope you learned some new things about me :)
Here's the very hard part, tagging 7 other people. Here goes (but going to their blogs and telling them they're tagged will have to wait until tomorrow, I'm pooped!):
  1. Ganns
  2. Dette
  3. Dee (oh I hope you can find time for this)
  4. Hummie
  5. Arianne
  6. Dauphine
  7. Ugh. I am still one tag short!


  1. Hummie said...

    You could help me make money online by signing up for the Subscriber area. said you wanted to make money online.....giggle.....sure wish I could too for all the work I put into it. I am hopeful with time though.

  2. Angelica said...

    Hi Vera

    So great to know a little bit more about you:) Thank you for playing along with this, you seem to be a person with a lot of things going, a very interesting lady...

    I've got to check out that movie you talked about too, but right now I'm off to see who you tagged.

    Hugs from me, Angelica

  3. Anonymous said...

    hi sis thank you sa link nung surf the channel. ngayon maeenjoy ko na yung mga movie na namiss ko panoorin pati na rin yung mga tv series. nga pala I tagged you

  4. Dette said...

    hee-hee me, too! I think I can come up with a few more random facts about moi. Will post soon - thanks for the tag!


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