Monday, June 16, 2008

On stage

Lea Salonga's My Life On Stage concert at the PICC was aired on TV tonight and I actually enjoyed watching it.

Two or three weeks ago, they showed the making of Cinderella and I told Alfred that I wanted to go see it at the CCP. I checked out her website and found that the premiere show is in July the 29th and there are still seats available! After seeing her concert tonight, I really do want to go see Cinderella.

I will have to ask a friend though, who may be more familiar with the CCP main theater, on what the best cheap seat would be. I don't want to be at Balcony II and end up not seeing Lea's facial expression. Haha.

I don't think Alfred would want to join me there, I hope he would be interested though. Maybe I'd ask my mom and dad but I don't really want to spend for all three of us. If I sponsor 50% of their tickets, maybe they'd agree. Hmm...

Have I mentioned before in the blog that I used to do theater? Well watching Lea reminds me of how I loved performing. I know I was good too. Haha - you've got to give it to me, I'm very confident. Haha. I wonder if it isn't too late to go back? I think PETA has adult classes... Nah, I wouldn't really.



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