Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tracy and Peter. Tracy and Peter :)

The past two evenings, I've had the pleasure of chatting with Tracy (aka lovingsue) through Messenger (she through Yahoo, me through Windows Live). I have never met Tracy in real life, though she lives in the next City (which isn't that far, since this is Metro Manila).

Had we met each other in different circumstances, we probably wouldn't end up as friends. We don't have much in common, though it may not be wise to assume this since I don't know everything about her yet. :) But since we stumbled upon each other in this fun and warm community of digital scrapbooking, we are growing to become just that - friends.

It is wonderful to feel like I knew somebody, in this big wide world of digital scrapbooking. I mean, to really find an enthusiast close to home - that was awesome. And then to connect with her and strike a friendship - doubly awesome.

Only time will tell whether we will continue on with this friendship. :)

Tracy is married to Peter. I mention this because I know another couple with the same names. The thing is, while I know that this Tracy and her hubby are happily married, I know nothing about the other Tracy and Peter that I once knew (except where she works). I have no idea if they are still together or if they ever got married, or what they're doing now.

I used to know them through the NGO we worked with - ECPAT-Philippines. And they introduced me (and my brother) to the world of Rand Al'Thor and Robert Jordan, and Kahlan and Richard of the Sword of Truth. I'd like to think that apart from the working relationship I had with them in the past (shucks, working relationship? I was a teenager then!), that there was friendship too. I guess I wasn't much of a friend though, in hindsight. We didn't part in the best of circumstances. And that's just sad.

Anyway... It's a Saturday, I've got truffles to dip in chocolate and then I've got to head to work in a few hours too. So, tata! :)


  1. Anonymous said...

    nakakatouch naman 'to sis. :) thank you for considering me as your friend. ganun din naman ako kahit di pa tayo nagkikita. kailangan lang natin siguro ng perfect time para ma ischedule yung pagkikita natin. :)

  2. kayla said...

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