Sunday, July 20, 2008

Scrapbook Saturday 1 - The best friend ever!

Scrapbook Saturday
Okay, so it is Sunday already but who cares? Haha. My PC was just fixed this afternoon so I am late in posting my first ever Scrapbook Saturday!

For this first week of SS, I've chosen to show everyone my very first scrapped page. I made this page from my bestfriend's Friendster photos as a birthday present.

For a larger view, and the credits, click on the image. You'll also see the letter that I wrote for JoArni at the time. Then don't forget to look at the layouts by other SS participants, starting with Dette, of course.

Tracy, if you're reading this, join us at Scrapbook Saturday :)


  1. Anonymous said...

    OMG - Vera!

    I knew that I'd be blow away with your scrap, but I didn't realize it would touch me so deeply!

    Your scrap page is absolutely beautiful, inside and out and all around - and YOU are a wonderful friend. :)

  2. Jessica said...

    that is a very great page. love it and thanks for visiting.

  3. faeryrowan said...

    Cute page. It's so nice of you to make this for your friend. Thanks for dropping by my blog. =)

  4. MIRA said...

    How sweet! Nice layout. Pls visit my first entry to SS too if you get the chance ;-)

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  5. CharmaineZoe said...

    Wow, for your first attempt, that's terrific, your obviously a natural! I love the colour scheme and your use of bows, absolutley super scrap, cant wait to see next weeks :-)

  6. Anonymous said...

    sis I'm done na with my first scrapbook saturday.


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