Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nice chair!

I'm trying to finish my part for the documentation of the proceedings of the Youth Camp I attended last week.  I'm making progress, but I find my mind drifting elsewhere.  I guess that's entirely my fault because I have so many other windows open - temptation each and every one of them! :)

I was looking through the photos I took of that weekend because I wanted to showcase the chairs at the dining hall of Forest Club. They were quite comfortable, yet very simple.  Made of hard wood, I think.  Rustic, western furniture that can withstand time.

With all the photos I took, I couldn't find a good one that includes one of those chairs! But here's one I found on the 'Net that is a close enough match:

This one has a high back while the one I'm looking for doesn't.  But I think the overall feel would be the same. Cool. I mean wood normally lets you feel cool in a warm sunny day right? That's what such a chair means to me at least :)  And the grooved seat is guaranteed to make you feel comfortable.



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