Tuesday, January 29, 2008

On medication

I saw Dr E again, the same one I went to see yesterday. It was a quick visit today though, in and out in less than 15 minutes.

My CBC numbers were normal so I'm all good now. She ordered the test because I bled profusely on Saturday, and the blood just kept on gushing until yesterday when I finally started taking the meds she prescribed. I first med Dr E on the first Saturday of this year. I went because I've been bleeding for about two weeks and was starting to have heavier flow. A TVS was ordered, and thank God for Medicard for covering that too. When I went back to see her the following Monday, my endometrium lining was thin. I don't exactly know what that implies, but the meds she prescribed depended on the information.

I took Primolut N for 3x a day, for the next 10 days.

I stopped bleeding on the the third day of medication. On the 12th day, I started bleeding again. I was surprised at the time; I was feeling woozy all of a sudden. A trip to the ladies' room had me seeing red. Dr E confirmed it was expected; the cycle, I mean. Though I bled that day, it wasn't heavy. Spotting, that's it. Then this last Saturday, it just flowed.

The 26th was my father's birthday. We were to have a family lunch over at SteakTown. I was at work and forgot about time, it didn't help that my cell's battery was already drained. By 1215, my family was waiting for me in the restaurant and I abruptly decided to just up and leave. Boyf wanted to come, but his shift just started at 9 that morning. I dropped by his station on my out, egging him to take etime and have lunch with us. I knew it wasn't possible though. While we were talking, him sitting down, me standing in front of him, I felt it. I was wearing cream colored pants and knew it would stain. It was more than what I expected. Blood just dripped right through to my feet. Because the pant legs were quite loose, the blood didn't stain all over as it travelled through my legs.

I asked boyf to go on personal aux, he quickly informed his boss who seemed to have understood the gravity of our situation and authorized his logout. Meantime, I rushed to the ladies' room too and tried to tidy up as best I could. Boyf borrowed a blanket for me so I could cover up and escape without too many eyes spying on my situation. I could tell he was worried, heck I was worried too. It was unexpected, but in a way, I knew it was coming.

Boyf took me home and he went back to work. I didn't join the family at lunch but they did bring home my steak and salad. I did a bit more work before the 4pm deadline, and then went to sleep. I had originally intended to go see Dr E, but I was exhausted and light headed.

3 hours later, my mom woke me up because I was soaking yet again. As I was 3 hours later, and 3 hours after that. I stayed home that night, I couldn't go to work.

As it turns out, I was supposed to have been put on the pill again for hormone replacement. We'll start on the next cycle.

Now I'm on Hemostan and I think that's why the bleeding isn't as bad anymore. I was actually confident to go out today without fear of seeing red all over again. I will take it for 2 more days and I think the bleeding is supposed to stop. Starting February 9, I will take another cycle of Primolut N, this time twice daily. When I bleed again approximately 2 days after my last Primolut, I will take oral contraceptive pills starting on Day 2 of menses.

I guess the most important thing I heard today from Dr E was this: Mag reduce ka ha. Yung hormone replacement after awhile babalik din yan unless magbawas ka talaga.

I knew that 5.5 years ago. I've known all along that the only real solution would be to be fit and healthy. To shed off all the excess baggage. In a way, I didn't see any OB-GYN for so long beacuse I knew that was it. If I really wanted to be PCOS-free, I must lose the weight.

I'll have to see my good ol' friend Marie three times this week...


  1. Hummie said...

    Wow, what a post! I sure hope your health continues to get better.

    YOu've got a nice blog..welcome to Blogger! I think I got my sidebar fixed...took me forever to find the right setting.

  2. MissKris said...

    Welcome to Blogger! I hope you like the switch to here from Bravejournal as much as I have! I'd tried Blogger a couple of years ago when I had "Menopausal Mamas" and it was a nightmare back then, based mainly on HTML which is something I'm totally hopeless at! It's MUCH more user-friendly now!!!

    As to your health problems, I sure can identify. I think, hope, pray everything is under control with me after 2 years of ups and downs. I'm no longer on any drug therapy and I 'seem' to be in full menopause now, which is TOTALLY FINE with me, haha! After 42 years of periods, it's a blessing!!!

    Hope this finds you doing ok...I will definitely be praying for you! (((((HUG)))))


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