Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day 1

I started with the Balancing Days yesterday (Monday) and though I guess it should have kept me full, I was looking for more food. Haha. Critical was the chicken I should have eaten for lunch, but since I didn't know how to cook the recommended recipe, I settled for something less filling. For today's lunch, I'd either convince my brother to cook, or ask my cousin to cook for me.

I'm sure I will drop pounds these these four days of controlled eating, and it's good that I started it during my off. Problem is how I would sustain Days 3 and 4 while at work, starting tonight. I'd have to pack a lot of fruits to take with me...


  1. Chikai said...

    good luck on the "losing weight" saga. ;) ~ Chikai from digitalscrapz.com


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