Monday, February 18, 2008

I have to ask my doctor about this...

I've so far received comments about my PCOS post that have given me more information than I've probably received from the doctors I've consulted with. Don't get me wrong though, I have no doubt that all three ob-gyne doctors are professionals and know what they're doing, I just didn't have it in me to ask a lot of questions. That would have to change.

First was from PCOS in ConnecTion:

QUOTE from another source: but the condition stems from a disruption in the
monthly reproductive cycle.
NOTE: This is not true. Not all women with PCOS have
issues with their cycles. This is a symptom to the underlying cause of insulin
response issues. It is a common symptom but not a necessary one to have

QUOTE: The name polycystic ovary syndrome comes from the appearance of the
ovaries in some women with the disorder — large and studded with numerous cysts
(polycystic).NOTE: This is true based on information from the 1930's. Today we
know better although the name is stuck. PCOS is also refereed to as Syndrome O

When I thanked her for the information, she responded and even offered to answer any questions I may have. I also found links to her site. From there, I also saw a link to a blogsite for PCOS support: Looks like I'll be picking up loads of information from on there, so I'll surely be back.

Jeffrey Dach MD said...

The fundamental problem with PCOS is anovulation and not making progesterone for two weeks every cycle. This lack of progesterone leads to hormonal imbalance in the ovary, causes the ovary to produce testosterone and leads to the irregular menstrual cycles and infertility. This is aggravated by obesity and insulin resistance.Progesterone is missing, therefore replacing it makes sense.

To read more, click here: Understanding PCOS the Hidden Epidemic

So I hopped on over to the site and read about how Birth control pills, which I will be taking in less than a week, also have risk factors. He talked about natural progesterone as a form of treatment, I wonder if that's available to me? The thing is, do I have the guts to even bring this up to my new doctor?



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