Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rant alert - Floor support

I've been feeling somewhat stressed at work lately. Yes, it has something to do with the fact that my team is at the bottom of the rankings for the most important metric of all; but it's really that, combined with a lot of other factors.

I stress about my agents taking very long calls. One, because I don't want them to stray too far from the target and end up in PDP - for their sake. Two, because I don't want our team totals to be far off the charts either - my ass on the line. And three, I know how hard it could sometimes be to control each and every call - it's the agent in me that gives that reminder.

Night after night, we have to watch out for agents with calls going over a specified threshold. At any given time, there could be 2 to 4 of them. Or, there could be none. Add the long calls to the fact that there's just not enough of them scheduled for the shift, then we'd have to pull out more tricks just to make sure someone will be available to answer the growing number of calls waiting on queue. Yesterday, while I was on floor support duty, it just really got too stressful for me. Honestly, I'd rather write up an SLA report rather than walk around like crazy pinging anyone and everyone!

I know it's important though, and it is a job for me to do. I have no delusions about my job not being about the numbers, because it is. It's all about looking after my agents, and that means helping them reach their goals. It's just that sometimes... Oh...

Okay, the moment's gone. I think I've ranted enough.


  1. Hummie said...

    Oh, having to compete against others in work would be very stressful....I wouldn't want that kind of job....I'd be thinking about it all the time.

    You asked about PSE and PS3....PS3 has much more stuff in it that PSE...PSE is a scaled down version.

  2. Hummie said...

    OH, but you should be able to do all my tutorials in PS3


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