Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Finally a Postie !

Yes, it seems that I will have more to blog about (not that I'm running out of ideas); I've been approved at PayPerPost! I've been looking around for opportunities to earn online. Setting up an online shop seemed to be a good idea, but I don't have my own products to sell at this time. I could promote my brownies and cupcakes online but that's not really profiting from the web.

I examined what skills I have and tried to assess what would be best for me. I noticed some ladies on my blogroll had 'sponsored posts.' They were signed up with PayPerPost. It was Pillowgirl's and Pinkupixie's PPP posts however that convinced me to sign up (check out their blogs from my Digiscrap blogroll). I figured, if talented designers who were already making some money by selling their designs/kits were also venturing in blog advertising, then perhaps so should I.

I signed up but did not get approved right away. I've already forgotten how long it took for me to get approved, but I was so happy to find out that it finally fell through. :) I'm even more thrilled to find that PPP actually allows a Postie (whoot, I'm one now!) to donate his PPP earnings to charity. I've seen Habitat for Humanity, Alzheimer's Walk, and American Red Cross, on the list of charities to donate to. When I get the hang of this, I'll find out more about donating through PPP.

I know I'll be using my PPP earnings to fatten up my Paypal account which I will either accumulate like savings, or spend in digital scrapbooking supplies.



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