Friday, April 04, 2008

Adam is turning 1!

One of my best girlfriend's baby is turning 1 year old on the 18th. I am looking forward to that because (I'm afraid to admit) I haven't visited him ever. :(

I would so love to hear comments... :)

On another matter...

What I love most about my boyfriend (a tag from Tracy):

  • He understands my shortcomings.
  • He indulges my videoke addiction (haha!)
  • He's good with kids.
  • He is a dog lover (yup, mine too Tracy). He is my Zune's personal groomer.
  • He's like a kid sometimes.
  • We love shopping together.
  • He's my personal computer guy.
  • He resists when I tell him what he doesn't like hearing, but accepts it in time.
  • I would not need to cook for him, he'll take care of it :)
  • He slides in first in the backseat of cabs - I don't like having to do that, so unlike most, it's not ladies first when we ride a taxi.
  • He encourages me to dream bigger and reach higher.
  • He is working his way to being the best him that he can be.
  • Though our personalities and interests are as different as night and day, we complement each other.
  • Wherever he is, I feel at home.
  • There's nothing that I really love best about him, I just love all of him.


  1. [ S ] said...

    Hey, that wee one is such a cutie. I hope you have a good time when you get to meet him.

    Your boyfriend sounds wonderful.

    S x


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