Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Look!

Don't you just love my bloggy's new look? I know I do! I am beautiful! Er, I mean, my blog's beautiful!Giggle 2

I've been playing around with the template for the past two days until I was happy with what I saw. I dressed up using papers from Michelle Bennett's Safari kit, with the ribbon trim from her Trimmed pack. Both packs were included in the grab bag I purchased last month.

One thing that's not okay is that my Digiscrap links have grown too long but I can't bring myself to show just a few links at a time. I was thinking of just placing a link to the blogroll but I'll think about it more before I make changes again.

Y'all will let me know what you think right? Please do.


  1. jen x said...

    I love the new look. This is a great color!

  2. Anonymous said...

    Vera, it looks so good. Obviously love talaga natin yung grab bag na binili natin last month. hehehe :)

  3. Bluedevil said...

    hmmmm ok na sana kung di lng mukhang bangag na lasing yung itsura ko sa picture ehehehehe (gumagaling ka na pag dedesign ah hehehe)

  4. Dette said...

    I love it!!

    I've got a new look as well - and a new URL! Drop by the new place when you get a chance? Would LOVE to see you over there :D


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