Saturday, August 09, 2008

Diverse interests

This seems to be a week of discoveries.

My colleague, who runs and Pinoy Downloads, introduced me to a service that allows me to earn money (in British Pounds) just by using my alloted homepage as my default search engine. Granted, you'll have to search many many times before you really see money pour in, but you don't lose anything either. Check it out my homepage or sign up as my friend, here.

I also learned of of Xylia, and met the Sore Thumbs gang at the start of this week.

Through Blog Explosion, I had also browsed through interesting blogs that I've bookmarked and will visit again soon.

I also got freaked out and have had lots of laughs this week, courtesy of Peter.

There are new additions to my Digiscrapping Blogroll as I visited designers and admired they work for the first time. Sorry, I can't link them in this post because I didn't keep track of the newest links.

But I've also realized, through the many new things I found interesting this week, is that I am interested in many things. This is good. But it also has a negative side. I find that my mind is scattered - I have so many concerns throughout the day, so much that I want to spend my time on. I want to read and finish the book I picked up last week. I want to organize my digi stash and make layouts. I want to blog. I want to learn to make Wordpress themes from scratch. I want to earn money online.

My baking/truffle-making isn't even on that list yet. And then there's still the official work that I have to do.

Have you seen pictures of the 2008 Beijing Olympics? I didn't see the Opening Ceremony (I'll look for reruns during the weekend) but I have been browsing this gallery. I am awed by the colors, the pageantry and the spectacle of it all. I know there is politics associated with China hosting the Olympics this year, but that aside, it would have been something to be a performer in any one of those numbers!



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