Saturday, August 09, 2008

No Layout - Scrapbook Saturday - for the newbie digiscrapper

No layout for Scrapbook Saturday this week. I had it in my mind to feature some digiscrapping celebrity (not that I am close to any one of them) or to post something that will really help out those who are new to digital scrapbooking. I didn't have time for proper research though so I'm ending up with nothing. But please do visit the SS Headquarters, starting with Dette, and visit other SS participants.

I ran a search for verabear and digital scrapbooking and one of the results led me to my journal archives. This post actually was written when I first found Susan of Raspberry Road. Though Shabby Princess was the first ever designer I downloaded a freebie from, it was actually Susan's kit that I first used for an actual layout (the one I shared on the first Scrapbook Saturday).

Now, Susan sells her designs on her blog but she still continues to give full kit freebies to her loyal blog readers. And I still go there to visit. Believe it or not, I don't just go for the freebies, I actually go to oogle over the beautiful designs and layout created by others.

Over on my sidebar is a very long Digiscrapping blogroll. Yesterday I thought that since Maria of Digifree does a very good job in her automated process of posting freebies from other blogs; and Ikeagoddess also has huge helpings of yummy freebie previews she's collected, I don't really need my own blogroll just to get my own fill of freebie kits. But I realized that I'm not just doing it for the freebies now. I actually visit their blogs to read their posts! I also enjoy and take inspiration from layouts that are posted in those blogs.

There are plenty of sites offering tutorials (free or otherwise) to get you along in creating your very first layout. I think that this freebie from Scrap Girls is one of those things that really gave me the nudge to get started. They also have a huge freebie kit for download that can very well be the newbie digiscrapper's tool kit.

On a different note, I am looking forward to a packed weekend.
Sunday afternoon I'll be seeing girlfriends.
Monday, Alfred and I will be going out to see a movie.
In both days, I will be making truffles like crazy because I haven't made any in the past two weeks. I've offered a special discounted price to my ever loyal fans.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to squeeze in time for bag organizer project. I really want to do that as soon as possible.

Saturday just flew right by me! I was looking forward to getting home earlier than usual for a Saturday but we were slapped with unplanned outages starting at 5PM and I had to be the one in charge at the time it happened. Hehe. It was a fun day at work though, surprisingly.

Anyways, a happy weekend to everyone!


  1. Jess said...

    AWESOME Thanks for the links.

    MomDot Street Team

  2. Ganns said...

    Wow, this is some great information! Now I'm considering digiscrapping as well. But where will I find the time?

    God superbless, Vera!

  3. MIRA said...

    Hi Verabear, thanks for the very nice compliments on my SS entry. Thanks also for the useful links you provided here, I'm thinking of creating a blog dedicated to scrapbooking *wink* and I'm already looking for freebies to design my layout. Your suggested links really come handy. Tks!
    Have a nice weekend.
    Random Thoughts
    Mira's Web Journal
    A Moment to Exhale
    My Barefoot Journey
    My Kitchen Table

  4. Anonymous said...

    This is AWESOME! I'm bookmarking it now :)

  5. Purpled Sky said...

    oh, wow! thank you! you are simply awesome :-)


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