Sunday, August 10, 2008

Girls Day Out - Iskra has an eye for photos

It was just like any other day after classes - we'd head to the mall and look around, or visit National Bookstore. And stuff our tummies full (with food, of course).

Yup, it was just like the old times. If only Iskra wasn't in tow.

I had a grand time catching up with girlfriends. In truth, this is the most fun get-together we've had in recent years. For me, at least.

Arianne isn't in the picture above. We've got better group pictures from her camera, and Mayeen's too. Can't wait to get those. I see several scrap pages coming up from the bazillion photos we (specially Iskra) took. I let 4=year old Iskra try out my camera and she had fun taking pictures. There were funny ones, but most really turned out beautifully. Looks like next week's SS will be one with an actual layout :)


  1. MammaDawg said...

    Great pic - you guys look like it was a fun day!!


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