Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Online ventures and Dream Day Wedding

Over the weekend, I landed on a blog that got me interested in a new online venture. Now, I don't think I will earn big big bucks from this, but who knows. I don't see myself losing anything anway. Have you heard of Pay to Click sites?

From what I've read so far, you register with them at no cost, and they give you links to click on. The links land you on different kinds of pages, or it could just be the same company's site, but different pages, but there are ads on the site or above it. You wait 30 seconds before you can move on to the next link. One ad viewed could earn you USD0.01. That's not a lot, but if you spend your time online a lot, like I do. It will add up. You also earn from ad views that your referrals make. To get more referrals, you can BUY referrals from the site too. Anyhoo, checkout these links if you want to learn more:


All these four links are under one network, do sign up for each of them if you want to. You can use the same username/password combination but you'd have to register in each site. Don't forget verabear for the referrer. If you're scared about being scammed, I suggest you don't invest money right away. Get a feel for it first.

There's a dynamic forum there and you can read up on what the members are talking about, including the proof of payments. The members usually have banners for other PTC sites they are part of, that should direct you to even more sites information and/or opportunities to earn from surfing.

Last night too, I had my first taste of the game Dream Day Wedding. I actually enjoy it. I first tried the sequel Dream Day Wedding in Manhattan (or something like that) and I liked the graphics, specially the flower shop! I have the full version now of the first game, the one for Jenny's wedding. I don't know if I'll get the Manhattan one, but I hope I'd get that one too.


  1. DesktopGirls said...

    I replied to your comments in my blog as below:
    "Hi verabear,
    You said the truth. In fact, there are so many people who were spied and there are so many others who suffered for writing private thoughts in their blogs.
    Thanks for your comments."
    You are welcome to my blog.


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