Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Sadly, New Year's in the office was just like any other work day. My agents and I looked out the window at the stroke of midnight, watching all the fireworks light up the sky. I looked at the direction of our home, and picked the fireworks that I thought were the ones they had lit up - my Dad SMSd me to say that they were firing them already.

I had planned to leave the office by 7am on the dot. No go. I left about an hour and a half later. I found my cousins Freedah and Candy still up and singing. They've always been my buddies for all nighters. So I didn't totally miss out on videoke - I had breakfast, changed clothes, and ran down to sing with the rest of them until an hour or so ago. :)

Alfred's still in Bicol, probably flat out from drinking too much. Last night he mentioned trying to hitch a ride with his cousins who'll be heading home today. If he doesn't fit in their car/s, he'll ride with his brothers tomorrow. I really do miss him. 

I disabled my blog's redirect earlier, just to check if it was finally working. Just in case, I thought. But no. Everyone at the web host are really on holidays, such lousy customer service. I wonder if I'm the only Philhosting client whose having these problems? The thing is, I can access my Cpanel, but nothing for my Wordpress is accessible.

As a result, I've had to contact Entrecard support and they'll be disabling my EC. I had advertisers lined for the next couple of days, EC will manually return the credits they've paid to me. :(

Oh well, I am falling asleep on the keyboards already, better get on and have some sleep. 

Happy New Year everyone! Be safe and be blessed!


  1. joanjoyce said...

    Happy New Year to you sis :)


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