Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another random post before the year closes...

*If you arrived here expecting ::where the moon shines::, you have been redirected to my Blogger blog temporarily. My site is experiencing server issues and my host, unfortunately, is out for the holidays. :(

After taking a shower this morning, I went ahead and tried to use mom's hair dryer and see if drying my hair would prevent it from curling up and have more of a finished, salon look. 

It wasn't effective. Either my hair is just so stubborn or I totally don't know how to blow dry my hair! It's probably the latter.

I had no intentions to go out this morning, in fact, I just donned another sun dress (also read nightgown :) ) after showering. I just wanted to time how long blow drying my short hair would take, so I know what to expect if I were to do it before work. So scrap that idea. It won't really do anything different. 

I will test how long it would take to iron my hair tonight. That shouldn't take longer than the blowdry did - under 10 minutes.

It's probably not a good idea to have this next photo in the same post that I show off my short hair, but what the heck. Haha!

The piggy on the left is a cellphone holder - the only Christmas present I received on the 24th. Esban gave it to me. The piggy on the left, with a purple snout, is a wrist rest that one can use for the hand holding your mouse when you're on your computer. I got one like it, a blue bear, last Christmas from Nonoy (my boss). This one I bought for myself for use here at home. I brought home the blue bear a few weeks ago because I wanted to use one at home. Now I can bring blue bear back to work with me.

Rather than just becoming hung up on the fact that my blog is down, I've been bloghopping through EC and also through my Digital Scrapbooking links (which reminds me, Blogrolling still doesn't seem to be 100% back up). There are so many wonderful freebies out there and I know missed so much more in the month or two that I've been laying low on the scrapbooking stuff.

I started downloading some freebie kits from BooLand Designs and my favorite Vicki Parker. And then I suddenly realized I still haven't gotten myself an online backup solution. So now I'm in the process of downloading Carbonite. I'll be using their free trial. If it works efficiently, I'll go ahead and purchase a year's subscription.

I first heard of Carbonite from Ro of Scrap Girls, through their newsletters. It sounded like a good idea, plus it would take out the effort from having to manually back up every once in a while - what if you forget? And I always forget.

Plus I always have computer problems every couple of months (though I hope it takes another 6 months before I have any issues again) and it takes time to back up, format, and then restore files. That has caused my files to be more disorganized every time we have to do it. With Carbonite, restoring files might just be a little more simple. Hopefully.

I hope my Internet connection supports this automatic back up well. We'll see how it goes. 

Here's another photo I'd like to share, taken a week or so back. My Zune, with his girlfriend Sharpay:

This was a rare shot because they're usually at each other whenever they're together. Or Sharpay will be eating off Zune's bowl! Haha. I think Esban took this shot - he's way better at shots like these than I am.

Mom did a lot of cleaning in the past 24 hours and she unearthed some of the photos we've had lying around here. This has prompted my dad to go over our old pictures and take them off the albums to be scanned at a later time. He intends to put them on picture frames too. So 2009 will probably start off with me posting photos from years ago. 


  1. Anonymous said...

    I wondered what happened! I stopped by the other day and got nothing but "server error" and was hoping it was something fixable. sorry you are having problems, so not the way to start a new year :(

    Hope it gets better, soon.


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