Wednesday, December 31, 2008

You're not lost...

Well hello there! I had my redirect to this blog for the time being. My Wordpress site is down due to a database error on the server side. And since I found out that my hosting service is on holidays until the 5th, I figured I'd post here or at Bravejournal, and redirect my site's hits here too.

I don't want this post to be about how I hate Philhosting right now, that's what I already did in this post.

So what's up for the last day of the year 2008? Not much for me. I'd probably sit in front of my PC until it's time to sleep again. I had one day off (last night) and I'm due back at work tonight. Uhm-hmm, just when everyone would be enveloped in smoke, watching all the fireworks, and singing the Auld Lang Syne come midnight tonight, I'll be at the office. The next off I'm getting, isn't until Saturday. Argh.

But spending New Year's Eve in the office shouldn't be all that bad right? I mean, we'd be on the 6th floor and that should be a good vantage point to see fireworks from different parts of the city. We could probably even try and get to the rooftop, for an even better view.

I guess the only negative thing about having to be at work tonight is that this will be the first time ever that I wouldn't be spending New Year's at home, with all of my family around me. I did request to have tonight off (and originally, my offs are supposed to be tue-wed nights) but they decided to have half of us off on Christmas and I got that. Christmases are fun of course, but welcoming the New Year has just been more fun, you know? 

I wonder how the kids are going to be celebrating tonight? Ton's around to facilitate the games anyway. Hay, no more all night videoke singing from me. At least they'll be relieved I'm not around to hog the mics all night long. Haha :)


  1. Lynne said...

    That would certainly explain why I couldn't get to your blog this morning from the link you left on my site. I hope it's fixed soon! Is that also why your EC is missing?

  2. joanjoyce said...

    kala ko nga sis naligaw ako e :D


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