Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thank you for nothing, Philhosting

No real fix in sight. 

I do not think Philhosting will ever shape up. Apparently, I wasn't the only one having problems. I read from one blogger that her database was reverted to a December 6 backup, more or less the same time as mine was reverted to.

And support has not emailed me back.

This has truly caused me undue stress. 


  1. Jerson said...

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  2. Anonymous said...

    I myself was a victim of this company, I was duped by this company last year when I decided to transfer my domain registration with them from another domain registrar based in US. Please see the link below regarding my rant on this company.

    They didn't even say or feel sorry for their mistake and they don't even have the courtesy to inform their clients on a timely manner that the service we requested from them was unsuccessful, I felt being duped, ripped off or scammed.

  3. Emily said...

    i am glad to have not experienced what you had with it's really frustrating not to get your money's worth.

    i am currently hosted with, and i am really happy with them. the services are great, support is reliable and the people are polite and corteous. i am truly satisfied.


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