Friday, September 25, 2009

Driver's Ed

I talked about getting my own car in my previous car. As it turns out, I need not shell out any money for that. Well okay, I'm not technically getting my own car, but it seems that I will have one at my disposal should I need it.

My dad got himself a bigger car (an SUV), but he decided not to sell the sedan. So I am planning to take driving lessons so I can drive. I don't plan on taking it out everyday, even when I finally learn to drive. Probably just to work occasionally, or when I'm really comfortable in my driving skills, to drive for the weekend or something.

But I gotta learn how to drive first, and that's one big challenge.

And it costs money too. I can't count on my brother to teach me, he has no patience with me. We tried that once and he gave up! haha :)


  1. Keith said...

    At age thirty-nine, I have ridden in cars in both the Philippines and Indonesia. I do not know if I would ever try to learn the skills, the patience, the etiquette necessary to navigate these islands without banging up my car.

    God bless you in your endeavour. If I ever drive again, it will most likely be here in the states.

    Also, most cars in Indonesia are manual drive with the driver's seat on the right side of the car.... too many things to change...

  2. joven said...

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  4. Heather Landry said...

    I hated learning how to drive, but once you get it down it's second nature! I really hope that you're able to get someone to teach you soon.


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