Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Own Car

I wonder when will this happen? When will I ever get my very own car?

Last week on Executive Class, a TV show on ANC, they featured the Toyota Hybrid Prius among other high end cars. My dad and I watched closely and he started talking about how the Prius would be perfect for me. Yes, I agree. Until we heard the price tag - 2M pesos. No way.

One would think that being eco-friendly, such cars like the Hybrid Prius should be more affordable. Unfortunately, the car importers don't get any tax incentive for bringing in cars like these so it's very very expensive.

Then we talked about other small cars that may fit my budget more. Still, I don't think I can afford a car with my lifestyle. I'd have to do a lot of scrimping to make the monthly payments. Hehe.

Lately, my brother and my dad have been discussing getting another second hand car. This time they're interested in finding an SUV/AUV. I don't know if they will actually get one, but it won't be a third car so that their current used cars would go to me (like I'm next in line, haha). I think it will be bought to replace one of theirs, and then they'd sell one of the Toyotas.

So, no hand-me-down car for poor old me. Haha!


  1. Mia Blog4me said...

    my dad used used car so far so good :)

  2. Mia Blog4me said...

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